Board Of Directors


Board Of Directors

Abdullah Fuad ALTHAQEB


Abdullah Fuad Althaqeb holds a BA in MIS and e-Commerce from University of Toledo (Ohio, USA) and MBA from Gulf University for Science & Technology (Kuwait). Beginning his banking career as an Investment Supervisor in Kuwait Finance House International Investments Department in 2004, he was appointed to Direct Investments Department of the same bank in 2006 and served as Investment Manager until 2013. Mr. Althaqeb joined KFH Investment Co. in 2013 and worked as Investment Manager in Private Equity Department until 2015. Since 2015 he has been serving as Vice President in KFH Capital Investment Co., Private Equity and Direct Investment Department. Mr. Althaqeb was appointed as Chairman to KT Portfoy in June 2018.


Vice Chairman

R. Ahmet Albayrak graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering in 1988 and received his Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Business from North Carolina State University (USA) in 1993. Mr. Albayrak earned his PhD from Istanbul Technical University in 2007 for his research on Technology Management. Beginning his banking career as a Specialist at Albaraka Türk Katılım Bankası A.Ş. in 1988, Mr. Albayrak joined Kuveyt Türk in 1994 and served in the Financial Analysis and Marketing departments until 1996. Serving in senior management posts in the private sector between 1996 and 2001, he rejoined Kuveyt Türk as acting Executive Vice President of Branch Operations in 2002. Mr. Albayrak was appointed as Executive Vice President of Operations, Technology, and Administrative Services in 2005. After the reorganization undertaken in 2008, the Human Resources, Training and Development, Quality, and Strategy Monitoring Departments also reported to Mr. Albayrak, who became Executive Vice President - Banking Services Group. Since October 2012, he has been serving as Executive Vice President, Corporate and International Banking. Mr. Albayrak was appointed as Vice Chairman to KT Portfoy in June 2018.

Hüseyin Cevdet YILMAZ

Board Member

Hüseyin Cevdet Yılmaz graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Business Administration in 1989. Mr. Yılmaz began his banking career as an Assistant Auditor at Esbank’s Internal Audit Board. After serving in various positions within this organization, he joined Kuveyt Türk in September 2000 as the Head of the Internal Audit Department. Hüseyin Cevdet Yılmaz was appointed as Head of the Audit and Risk Group in 2003. Since 2012, Hüseyin Cevdet Yılmaz has been serving as Head of Risk, Control and Compliance. Mr. Yılmaz was appointed as Board Member to KT Portfoy in June 2018.

Ahmad Abdulaziz ALNAFISI

Board Member

Ahmad Abdulaziz Alnafisi graduated from Gulf University For Science and Technology (Kuwait), Department of Business Administration and International Business in 2008. Beginning his banking career as a Junior Relationship Officer at National Bank of Kuwait Corporate Banking Group in 2009, Mr. Alnafisi worked in Al Maysara Holding Company KSC as Vice Chairman between 2009-2013. After he rejoined National Bank of Kuwait Group Risk Management as Credit Review Analyst in 2010, he also worked as Senior Relationship Officer in Corporate Banking Group of the same bank between 2010 and 2015. In addition to his ongoing post, Mr. Alnafisi served as Chairman in Atheer Realestate Development Company KSC from 2012 to 2016. Currently he has been serving in KFH Capital Investment Company KSC, Private Equity Management since 2015; in Turkapital Holding BSC as Board Member since 2017 and in Saham Holding KSC as Chairman since 2018. In June 2018, Mr. Alnafisi was appointed as Board Member to KT Portfoy.

Tayfun ÖZKAN

Board Member and CEO

Tayfun Özkan graduated from I.T.U. Management Engineering –magna cum laude. He has a Master’s degree in Banking at Marmara University Banking and Insurance Institute and currently continues his Ph.D. studies in Finance and Accounting at Bahcesehir University. Starting his 20+ years career in the Board of Auditors at Garanti Bank, he worked in Amsterdam, London, and Luxembourg in addition to Turkey, where he had gained experience in many areas of international banking and finance such as auditing, management information systems (MIS), compliance, hedge fund set up, project&acquisition finance, etc. Then he worked actively in M&A projects as Director of Investments at Gozde Private Equity, private equity arm of Yıldız Holding, a.k.a Ulker Group, one of the biggest food conglomerates in Turkey and in the world. In 2015, he joined Kuveyt Turk family to set up the asset management business. Currently he has been serving as KT Portfoy’s founding CEO.

Tayfun Özkan holds Advanced Level (Level 3) License, Derivative Instruments License, Corporate Governance License, and Real Estate Appraiser License from Capital Markets Board of Turkey, and is a candidate at the CFA Program.