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Investment Advisory

Investment advisory is described as “the provision of influential investment comments and recommendations by an authorized investment firm, upon request of an investor or on an unsolicited basis, regarding capital market instruments or the issuers of such instruments to either a particular person or a group of persons with similar financial situations and similar risk and return preferences”.

In world and Turkey markets, every day thousands of data are being generated, many economic developments are taking place and requirement for qualified organizations that can produce optimal investment decisions by assessing emerging opportunities that occur during fluctuations as result of these with professional knowledge and techniques are increasing.

Investment advisory activity may be provided  by intermediary institutions, investment and development banks and portfolio management companies provided that a prior authorization is obtained from Capital Markets Board. KT Portfoy provides investment advisory service to its customers in order to meet this requirement by adhering to international interest-free finance principles.

Initially “suitability test” is applied to investor who will be offered investment advisory service. The purpose of suitability test is to state the customer’s investment objectives, financial situation, information and experience in order to provide the most suitable product and service to the investor.