KT Portföy


KT Portföy

KT Asset Management Company (“KT Portfoy”) was established with the authorisation granted at Capital Markets Board of Turkey’s meeting no. 11/509 and dated 28.04.2015, and obtained Licence on 07.09.2015.

As it was quoted in  its Memorandum and Articles of Association, core business of KT Portfoy is, establishing and managing investment funds according to Capital Market Law and related legal framework.

KT Portföy executes its activities in accordance with international interest-free finance principles. In order to observe this compatibility, a High Advisory Board was constituted independently from the management (see High Advisory Board Regulation).

KT Portfoy is 100% Kuveyt Türk Participation Bank subsidiary.

KT Portföy is active in almost all areas of asset management: